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Adventures with fixing a busted tire

July 1, 2010

So the journey to get my car tampa ready is still on!!  Call a taxi kids. So woke up late, don’t care, since I was going to come into work late anyways. Made an appointment and as I was on my way to get it done I heard a clacking and knew something was up. Well the belt thing that they installed yesterday busted so yeah. Fml haha. They ended up not coming for about 2.5 hours. Which I didn’t care because the Japanese game was on and there a fun ass team to watch. Although just my luck right when they were about to go to penalty kick they get here. Figures right. Word to the wise don’t to be a cheap skate and buy the cheaper choice for your car. Do it big and get the better ones. If not then 3 hours after installing it, it will break. First problem down. So now for alignment. Took it to firestone and get to wait about 4 hours before its done. And they have soaps on. If I had my bike with me I would be fine.

.YOU KNOW. If I used my bike on the reg this would have never happened. See world!! mother nature wantssss us to go green. Haha.

So called up my trusty sidekick. AKA batboy AKA. Robin. AKA best friend in the whole world. Find him on facebook…Josh to come and pick a me up. So now I’m at taco bell about to feast on an amazing steak quesdillas and crunchy taco. At least I can watch all these people and see them in the norm. People watching is the best….

After taco bell I decided to photo doctunmate my day rather than blog about it to just get a views eye view of how I see the world.

I have always loved packaging and when you combine packaging and the smell of walking down the laundry detergent aisle it just get me haha

Has anyone tried this?? It looks like it could cure world hunger!! ITS THAT NEAT

Day ended sour but was able to fall asleep knowing that everything was going to be OKAY

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