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Alone with Thoughts

July 1, 2010

So recently I have been going to sleep a lot earlier then normal during the weekend. Man, maybe I need to quit that afternoon drunk hahaha. So due to the fact that I passed out early. I experienced first hand the “cause and effect” law. Go to sleep early and wake up early. DUH so woke up early and thought it was 12 in the afternoon when it was 12 in the morning. So fail to say the least. Its pretty relaxing actually being up all by yourself in your apt, up before those damn annoying birds that post up in front of my window.I have realized a lot about myself and relationships just sitting in bed watching info commercials. I’m tired of living where I’m living. But living in deer park, living in texas, living in the south. I want some place completely new. My mother suggested austin. Which would be a lot of fun I just don’t know if that’s the scene that I want to be around. Granted its a very hipster town but I’m just tired of the south. I want to move to boston so bad!! I feel that’s the town where I need to be. Well see…

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