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futbol gays guitars with Reeses McFlurries

July 1, 2010

So lets start with last weekend, I do the majority of my writing on my blackberry whenever I get a thought or when i am just in my bed bored because I woke up to early from afternoon drinking.

So last Friday I ended up passing out at around 8ish too much “river monsters” will get you!! So due to my early check in time. I woke up at a early 6 30 for no reason with nothing to do except go to and watch the new, which is really good BTW. Todays the day that USA plays Ghana to advance to the next round and i’m sure me and my boy brian are going to be hitting up SOME bar and get some USA cheering on. Once when we take the w its going to be a lot of fun and crazyness. Life is all about making new adventures and doing things that you never do. You see something you like go and do it rather than talk about it. Live life.

Ended up getting a call from a Mr George Morales asking me if I was going to come to his party later in the day. See today is not only WORLD CUP its also PRIDE. While I am not gay my best friends are gay and I am a big time supporter. Love ya guys!!  Party doesnt start till umm sunrise? so i’ll definitely be sure to hit it up. See if you have yet to experience a Jorge fiesta then you are certainly missing out on a good time. Hotties and Vodka.  ..  hotties referring to girls FYI

I’m not wearing anything GO USA and I mean come on YOU GOTTTSSSAAA get something for the game! This match is so historic that i ended up purchasing a usa scarf but now that I’m thinking about it…maybe that wasn’t the smartest idea seeing as how its texas and its 93 outside. Probably didnt think about that one but OH WELL its USA soccer!!!

Some ‘how managed to make it to @TheStagsHeadPub it was PACKED and everyone was ready to party!! We got drinks our drinks spilling and were all singing!!! GO USA GO USA GO USA every played we made we all were going crazy!! Chanting USA USA USA and everything and of course I was the one leading team USA. We won a free st Arnold’s pitcher because of my rock paper siccors skills. Sadly even with the row sham bow win it wasnt enough to get a USA win and Ghana defeated us 1 0 Ended up getting interviewed by krpc about the US soccer team and if this was still a victory for american, and yes it was on the 9 o’clock news FYI 🙂

All because I was being me and rooting for my team. You don’t have to be anyone other than yourself for people to notice you. It was awesome because BMRS texted me later that night asking me if I was on tv because her dad saw me haha. Ooohh man I was like 5 pitchers deep. I wonder how good that interview went haha.

So after the usa defeat and maybe too many shiner bock pitchers  we made a quick get away, no reason to stay and mingle right? I did steal a beer glass though. HAHAYO!! After that headed over to georges, after getting stupid lost trying to get over there though bastards …. wait… VICTORY!!! The party had already started. It was a lot of fun georges place is AMAZING!!! He had tons of alcohol, not surprised, and a shocker beer which is a rarity. Even jello shots in surengens, which you know I took for granted 😉 albert was there which is pretty much the gay version of me haha. Abbe was there she is by far the coolest and funnest person to hang around. But, it was crazy fun probably that best party recently that i had been to in a long time. Foam machine and all!!! Of course my buddy daniel, josh,and adam were there included much others. We rode around in the golf cart and partied in the foam. I ended up leaving Early because I had to wake up early in the morning


After our pressure washing job Jer and I went and got some eggs and i, or something like that, this one breakfast joint on bayarea right there by BJ’s brewery. And LET ME TELL YOU !!! that place was amazing OMG!! we thought the service was going to be bomb and it was at first but then they did us dirty when they started complaining when Jer was asking some some more tortillas. I got some eggs breakfast quesdillas thing. Geez how come I have never of that??!! because that shit was the BOMB!!! If you ever go grandma will be a b but its worth it!!

So tonight we have a show at scout bar in clear lake this is our second time playing here. Load in is at 7 so got there,  for once,on time haha and when we were getting ready to load in. Grady, the drummer and I were walking in and introduced ourself to this other band. Shook hands and they said that they head heard that we were the band to watch so that made us feel good!! Compliments are always good!!  Then the games begin. Had to get tylenol and bandads for tyler and then find a sharpie, its the manages of scout bar so I’m watching jer with my life to make sure I get it back haha. So shows going good so far. We set up and the drums sound crazy its going to is going to be like a going to a rap concert, but its still going to be fun.

Last minute mcdonalds run before the show starts, which is in 15 minutes. But its all good because I live for this.Of course I’m behind the guy that’s ording a ton and complaining about all it. The family pulled out and then jammed it into reserve and now going in to complain. Dude its what are you expecting. And its your own fault for ordering complicated orders??

This guy sucks!!!

So show went amazing!! The band rocked out and after our show AD from the buzz, came and asked us if we had any music he could have so we were all thrown in a world wind to get him one.!!Mission accomplished haha. Then we proceed to get celebrate an amazing show! First time taking a irish car bomb, which sucks ballas, nastiest thing I have EVER had. Baileys cream and guinnes??!! Who even thought that was a good idea??!!

I then decided that I needed to go home so I drove home, which was clearly a bad idea seeing as how I ended up popping two of the four times that I have. Sucked, out out from them potholes kids!!! Thank god for triple a. Got it towed to my apt. So now me and josh are on our way to get it all fixed but his truck died on us while on center and pasadena, the worst street in deer park to have car problems. So got some shinny new tires from the mexican tire shop and right when josh was about to leave and we had already said our good byes. He drives less than a tenth of a mile and his truck dies again right in the middle of the road and all. He wasn’t in his truck for more than 30 seconds and his car died. It was actually pretty comical. And, what’s even better is watching us trying to PUSH a f350 dullie with my toms on haha it was a sight for sure. For some reason I just felt we could do it, up a slight incline at that. Had to call in the room mate for assistance. He came and as soon as he came this other guy came and helped us. which surprised josh and myself because there were probably 5 cars that passed us and not a single person came and helped. Bastards.

Ended the night with josh and some good friends. We stayed outside and have some good conversation there was never a dual moment, and it wasn’t just the burning trees it was just good people that had good things to say. I admire nights where we organgilly have fun nights and everyones vibes just match. Go outside with some random old friends and sit around and see what happens.
A friend just said that when they are off aderal she feels like she has ADD. That’s a weird thought to think about. So there dog I think just walked over there small puffy dog but everyone says its the small dog is flirting with him haha. His name is rocky so that could explain it haha

Okay so I have been waiting for the resses mcflurry for almost 2 months ever since I saw a advertisement for it at a walmart mcdonalds. Me and josh even came to one about a month ago and I talked to the screen for at least 30 minutes about this new product and how mcdonalds is on top of there game. Abbe was going crazy about how she wanted one so bad she wanted one, so josh and I left and got some and let me tell you these things are amazing!! If you love the sonic ones you will def dig this. It doesn’t have the wipped cream stuff but its still really good hahahha after we payed josh stopped by a redbox and decided to rent the crazies we saw it in the movies but we both love it then we decided to get some food. Yeah I know haha. And now we are siting waiting for our food that’s been taking forever. GAH but at least we have these amazing mc flurries

If no one makes the crazies into a haunted house this halloween then I am going to be extremely disappointed. BUT!! I know what I will be doing next halloween then haha

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