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Late night TV gems

July 1, 2010

Magic bullet info commercials are by far the coolest commercials out at 4 o’clock in the morning. I stumbled upon one last night and it was so entertinging to watch. The main actors were set up behind there counter with all there friends around them and they were pretty much just saying how amazing it was. “Wait, you just made a smoothie, omelet, and salsa all in 2 minutes?!! What is that thing??!!” Well its the magic bullet of course. It had that european seller as the husband, you know the one that’s not as good as billey may but better then vince without  the prostute stories of course ahaha.  It had the alcoholic that jumped when they them they can make virgin margaritas!! Oh baby!!!they had the crazy old lady that lives next door, yes we all have them, complete with her chill clothes and cigarette hanging out her mouth. And always complaining about how much a chore it is getting anything done, not with the magic jet though, they had the couple that is just in awe over everything that they will be able to do in only THREE SECONDS. They even had the guy who jumped up and down like a mad ADHD child when they were able to make NACHOS!!! Yes people you not only can mix up your food in this “bullet” you can also put it in the microwave. Yes this can do everything. So if your awake at 4am and channel flipping be sure to watch a magic jet commercial. I’m not going to say it will change your life but it will defintilly make you a better person.

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